From little acorns...

...great oaks do grow.

Timber by Stone was started by Bob Stone in July, 2006, following a long career in the engineered timbers business.   Designed to offer a high service level, fast design, turnaround and delivery times, and an excellent range of stock timbers to suit Australian interior design needs, Timber by Stone has not set out to become the biggest supplier of laminated timber products, just the best.

It goes against the grain

Bob Stone founded Timber by Stone because he saw that laminated timber was being commoditised by the big players in the industry.   Quality was suffering as industry buyers competed for the cheaper timbers, trying to cut corners.   He knew there had to be a better way.   And the process had to be right from the outset - with careful, hand-selection of the finest timber, for grain, colour, and density.   People prefer timber for its warmth, natural colours and hues, and fine depth of grain.

You're dealing with the owner  

When you call Timber by Stone, it doesn't take long to realise you're actually talking with the person who owns the business.  Not the receptionist, salesperson or fork-lift driver.   Wonderful people though each of them may be - you want to speak with the person who knows what you want!   That's the beauty of   dealing with Timber by Stone.  You never get the feeling your order is just another in the long list going through the factory.   Each customer order is handled as though it were Bob's own, personal responsibility. Because it is.  

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