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Timber isn't a business you can suddenly decide to get into.   In Bob Stone's case, it's a lifelong commitment.   Starting with an apprenticeship in the timber milling industry in the UK, and culminating in leadership within the industry in Australia, although Bob has worked with private clients from all backgrounds and commercial clients from every industry imaginable, all his life he has only ever worked in the timber industry.  

That represents over three decades of knowledge of timber. So you can rely on Bob to know a lot about this wonderful natural material.   He'll advise you on which timber will best suit your intended use, and how it should be used to give you the very best service for a lifetime of enjoyment.  

Bob is also available for commercial consulting on architectural and industrial projects involving timber.   But if you are looking at a renovation or new home building project, and want advice on which timbers would best suit your application, he'll willingly provide all you need to know, free of charge.   It's part of the friendly Timber by Stone service.

So give Bob a call.   Or contact him via e-mail.   All details on the Contact page.  We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience.

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